The City Gates is an indie rock group from the alternative Montreal scene inspired
by post-rock and the 80’s & 90’s shoegaze and dream pop. By combining guitar
sounds with fuzz, reverb and delay pedals, the band unites an energetic and ambiant
sound: «TCG is now exploring spheres of ethereal music – almost ambient –
borrowing from psychedelic of the sixties while maintaining their ‘scruy’ but
carefully designed sonority of vintage distortion.”- ». – André Corbeij, Journal de
In 2013, the group released a rst complete album named “Collapse” and was
recorded at Studios Piccolo and produced by Gautier Marinof who has worked with
The Stills and Sam Roberts Band. The mastering was made by Marc Thériault (Karkwa,
Louis-Jean Cormier, Secret Sun) at Le Lab Mastering. Collapse oers a deep
music sound with thoughtful lyrics that cast light on social questions arising nowadays.
The City Gates is now in studio and working on new material. They will be
releasing an EP that is expected for winter 2015 and will present a slightly dierent
sound inuenced by the European scene such as Slowdive, JMC, MBV, Chapterhouse,
Pale Saints etc.
The City Gates has played many electrifying shows. They played at Canadian Music Festival and
Canada Indie Week in Toronto. They participated at the Under the Snow festival. They also have performed in many venues such as the Sala Rossa, Casa del Popolo, Quai des Brumes, Café Campus, the Cabaret théâtre du
Vieux St-Jean and the Zaphods Beeblebrox in Ottawa. TCG have shared the stage
with Manic Sheep (Taïwan), Ode to the Quiet (Netherland), Stargroves (NYC), Monogrenade, Groenland, Stuck on Planet Earth (Ontario), First You Get the Sugar and many more.